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Who are we?...

"When I was exploring what I wanted to do in life, I tried various roles and locations. I trained in Marketing and experienced different styles of Customer Service, learning a lot about people!

I then found myself drawn back to the fells of home and working with marquees across Cumbria (tough job but I learnt a lot!). During this time the clients kept needing more than guidance on the tent so I found myself spending time with them, going through everything. This happily related to all my past experiences in events and it was incredibly satisfying. 

I had the rare opportunity to do something I adore so took the plunge and started my own business! I will never look back! I love getting to know my clients and I could burst with happiness when at the end of their day, their smiles are beaming and laughter fills the room."


Interesting Info...

- Weddings by Annabel was created in November 2010 after Annabel had worked across Manchester and West Yorkshire in marketing, events & PR for many years.

- Being Penrith born and bred, Annabel was more than happy to move back to the fells, rivers and lakes of home.

- WBA has helped over 80 couples and their dream day plans.

- Annabel is First Aid trained (added comfort for her clients!).

- The most hours Annabel has spent coordinating a wedding is 16 hours. 

- WBA manages venues as a Freelance Wedding Coordinator.

- Her assistant, Rebecca, is also trained to provide a high-end service; professionalism, problem solving and a consistently calm demeanour in any situation.

- There isn't a client they can't help!




AC Wedding Morning

Wedding Ind Award Winner 2013Rebecca WhiteCounty Brides Northwest Wedding award nomination 2013


Frequently Asked Questions...

Why would I need a Wedding Planner?

A good planner will help you save time, money and stress. They talk through your ideas and advise using their experience to make your dream day a reality. They can also make sure you stay in budget and keep all your friends and family happy. 

I dont live in the UK, can Annabel still help?

Simply, yes! We have helped clients far away from us with the power of Skype and emails! Clients as far away as Singapore and Austrailia have been assisted with their planning as many couples are coming to our wonderful part of the world to get married but dont know much about the area and its wedding suppliers. Get in touch to find out more. 

I'm super organised so would a Planner be suitable for me?

Some couples find it hard to relax on their wedding day when they have had so much to do beforehand. A Planner will take the reins and handle all of your arrangements on your behalf so you can sit back and enjoy the special celebration. 

I have a small budget so can I afford some help?

Any budget can afford help. Weddings by Annabel will work with you to arrange something suitable. It may be that you only need a small amount of help therefore the fee will reflect this. Get in touch as its worth checking!

The venue has a Coordinator so do I still need help?

We recommend that a venue coordinator should be free to look after anything related to the venue. Sometimes it works better if they are available to handle any issues or just to manage their important details such as catering, staff, toilets, etc. A Planner will take care of the Wedding party and guest queries while their concentrate on their roles. 

Friends and family are eager to help so I wouldnt want to refuse their kind offers. Would a Planner not upset them?

Its wonderful when you have helpful friends and/or family that would like to be involved in your special day. Sometimes this can lead to problems or complications so perhaps having a Planner will mean you can refer to them and have help in managing the help from others. Everyones situation is different so get in touch if you have any family or friend queries.

My Mother is worried a Planner will take over. Is this likely?

A Planner should never take over. Weddings by Annabel only help you make decisions as we have the experience and knowledge to do so. We listen and advise to ensure you find what you need and a plan is created to best suit your ideal day.

How do I make sure I make the most of getting help?

Talk and gather ideas. The more we know about what you are envisaging, the better we can do in helping you make it a reality! When we get in touch, we normally issue a list of important questions anyway but if you dont have the answers, dont worry! We can help decipher what you would enjoy. 


Other Projects 

CWE New Logo 2015Annabel is also the creator and host of Penrith's Cumbrian Women in Enterprise Networking group. This is a friendly local group that has run for over five years. Check us out....



Before this Annabel was also the creator of Penrith's Halloween Festival (four years), Penrith on a Plate food event, Kirklinton's Midsummer Festival and now assists with a variety of other events, either as a creator or consultant. She also sits on the Board for Pride in Penrith Lottery and assists with local fundraising and support for this local charity.