What we do…

- Event & People Management, On the Day Coordination, Planning Problem Solving & Styling Guidance or Creation

- Specialisations include in Eco Friendly, DIY & Outdoor Celebrations

- In The Lake District & Cumbria for International, National and Local Clients

... Organised Creativity

Why is WBA different?…

Honest - If an element of the event doesnt fit or isnt worth the money or effort, we feel its important to share our opinion from years of experience and an absolute passion for creating worthwhile events.

Creative - Every celebration should reflect you both so we will take time to get to know you and ensure the plans highlights your story, personalities and styles. We love a challenge so tell us your quirks and obsessions! The main task though is not to make the decisions for you but to help you make your own.

Calm - A Wedding Planner / Manager should always be calm. Like a swan across the lake, nothing gets to us and nothing will get in the way of keeping everyone happy. Every event is about the people so this is at the forefront of every plan. We concentrate on the experiences of all involved, from the tastes, textures and temperatures to the smells and sounds.

Everyone can create a wedding plan, not everyone can handle it when people are added to the mix. I know most of my role for clients is helping with people management; predicting movements & queries, making guests relaxed, looking after disputes, dealing with specific worries, accepting differences, cooling down stress, capturing happy moments, relishing special touches... I thoroughly enjoy it all!! People are fascinating!

After years growing up in the family events business, I trained in marketing and experienced different styles of customer service and public relations, learning a lot about people. I enjoyed relating to people and exploring what they needed from events, their busineses or even their personal life.
Eventually I wished to head back to the fells of home and started working with marquees across Cumbria. During this time the couples kept needing more than guidance on the tent so I found myself spending time with them, going through everything to do with their special day. This happily related to all my past experiences and was incredibly satisfying.
In 2010 I took the plunge and started my own business. I will never look back! I love getting to know many wonderful businesses and my clients. Its a wonderful role for a wonderful time in people’s lives.”
— Annabel Candler, Founder
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- Weddings by Annabel was created in November 2010 after Annabel had worked across Manchester and West Yorkshire in marketing, events & PR.

- WBA has helped over 100 couples and their dream day plans and doesnt shy from any request, from beer serving sheep to ceremonies in a cave.

- Annabel has training in Mental Health, Well-being & Emergency First Aid.