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After years growing up in the family events business, I trained in marketing and experienced different styles of customer service and public relations, learning a lot about people. I enjoyed relating to people and exploring what they needed from events, their busineses or even their personal life.
Eventually I wished to head back to the fells of home and started working with marquees across Cumbria. During this time the couples kept needing more than guidance on the tent so I found myself spending time with them, going through everything to do with their special day. This happily related to all my past experiences and was incredibly satisfying.
In 2010 I took the plunge and started my own business. I will never look back! I love getting to know many wonderful businesses and my clients. Its a wonderful role for a wonderful time in people’s lives.”
— Annabel Candler, Owner
Fire Lighting Win
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- Weddings by Annabel was created in November 2010 after Annabel had worked across Manchester and West Yorkshire in marketing, events & PR.

- WBA has helped over 100 couples and their dream day plans and doesnt shy from any request, from beer serving sheep to ceremonies in a cave.

- Annabel is First Aid trained and training as a Personal Coach to add an extra level of knowledge to the support offered.