TOP TIPS: For the Newly Engaged

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You’re Engaged!!!

Now what..?!

Through the years I have received some frantic messages from couples that have entered the world of wedding planning like rabbits in headlights. They get trapped in a spiral on Pinterest and cant seem to clear the fog of ideas and advice to actually get to their ideal day.

Here is what I advise straight away…

  1. Write a list - Who do you REALLY want to be there? I dont mean who ‘should’ be there but the core troop of guests that will positively effect your special celebration. This list is the basis for the next steps.

  2. Budget - Per head or overall, what can you afford? Everyone works with numbers differently so get this written down so you both ‘get it’. DO NOT stray as this has been decided for a reason and your event CAN fit with this if you’re careful and make some good decisions.

  3. Venue - Now you know the size venue you need and the price you can afford, start to have a look. Narrow down to five to visit and constantly make notes on the pros and cons or just general vibes. This is important because this decision is the biggest you will make. (For more advice on this part, check out my video on picking a venue here)

From here, the other elements will start to become more evident. Every type of venue needs a different amount of suppliers, dressing and planning help.

  • If you have a favourite supplier like a photographer, band etc, then get them booked quick to guarantee they are there. The best ones go quick!

  • The styling or decor can be chosen but pick it to suit the venue’s style. Blend, dont just try and make your personal taste fit in. Then you will save stress and money.

  • Start gathering ideas but dont go nuts! You dont need everything that Pinterest or the worldwide web tells you!

  • Pick a good team to help you that can be honest, fair and supportive. Planning can get tough as there is so much invested in the day (emotionally & financially) so having the right people around you is key. Alternatively…. if you are still struggling, you know where to find me!

REMEMBER: This isnt a day to celebrate others, just you two, so make that obvious… personalise it all and manage the atmosphere so it suits you.

Huge congrats and happy planning!

A x

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