Let them eat cake...

Let Them Eat Cake!

If you want to serve cake at your special day there are hundreds of options so here is a brief guide to help you decide...

Type of Cake Available

It's now possible for Brides to have a wedding cake that tastes as good as it looks, those days of just the traditional white iced fruit cakes and cheap bride/groom plastic statues are over. The choices are endless! 

Cupcakes, Cheesecakes, Chocolate, Fruit, 2 tiers, 8 tiers, Cheese towers, biscuit towers, profiteroles! You name it, you can get it!

The way to choose is to discuss what you would like and what you think your guests will enjoy. Think about your favourite flavours and textures, maybe incorporate your favourite dessert? For example, you can now have a tiered cheesecake or have each tier made from a different type of cheese if you have a weak sweet tooth or pork pie!

If you opt for sponge, why not lemon / Madeira / chocolate / Victoria / fruit / coffee / orange /… any flavour you like! You could have each tier as a different flavour… or just have one level?  Also consider the different fillings such as buttercream or fresh cream (if there is refrigeration available) and whether you would like it covered with frosting or icing or left plain. Make sure you have in mind what you would like before speaking to a supplier.

If you are trying to save some money, have you considered making it yourself or asking a friend or family member to help? If you don’t feel your baking skills are up to it, there are baking courses available which a skill is nice for the future too! I’m sure your partner wont mind!  

Now the fun part!

Decorations; butterflies, flowers, flags, glitter, stars… whatever your theme, there is an added extra to suit it. For the look of your cake/s, why not use the internet for inspiration? Find some images or the style, details or colours that you like and show this to your supplier. Can they recreate the look you are after? Have they done something similar in the past that they have photos of? Try our Pinterest boards for some inspiration too.


When would you like your cake to be cut and served? Usually cutting the cake happens after the meal or just before first dance but this may not be the option for you. It could be when the evening buffet arrives or when you have family photographs. Ensure that the venue, wedding planner, toastmaster and your photographer know the plan so that the knife is there and photos can be taken.

Some couples choose to serve the cake as dessert or have it wrapped ready to take away at the end of the night. It could be served with the evening buffet or saved until the next day if your guests are staying at the venue? Check with the venue how it will be served for either of the choices. As dessert, will there be a choice of cream or ice-cream available? Will there be separate small plates if it is served with the evening food? Will there be an added expense to do this?

Choosing a supplier 

Look out for recommendations, flexibility in options, decoration quality & variety, price and delivery details. See if you can also try some samples of the flavours you fancy! Check what stands they have and if they don’t suit you, ask them to recommend where you can hire one from. Do they also cater for any allergies / intolerances  / beliefs? Are they at a wedding fair soon so you can meet them face to face while checking out a few other wedding essentials?

Costs can add up

When you have your rough estimate of the number of guests, tell your supplier and they should recommend the size / number of tiers you need. Remember that not everyone will want cake, especially if you decide to serve it in the evening. Also check if the stand hire / delivery / décor a separate cost?  Ensure they know exactly what your budget is too. 


I believe that the traditional photos of cutting the cake can be quite drab and dont often end up on the wall! Why not try and  make this part of the rest of the day instead of making a huge spectacle of it? For instance, most of my clients make this a lead into the first dance. Then you arent getting guests up twice. 

For more info on the traditions of the cake, check this link out

Hope this is helpful and you can make an informed decision before splashing the cash.