Below is a collection of suppliers we have worked with. If you are looking for something specific or would like some feedback about any of them, please send me an email as a supplier should be carefully matched to your needs and personalities. 

Please remember these top tips....

- Its much easier for you and the supplier if you tell them not just what you would like, but also the budget you have for that element. Saves time and money!

- Let the supplier know where you found this recommendation as it helps local businesses know who is supporting them.

- Each supplier has a different personality so try and match this as well as the service / product to your plans as it will reflect on the atmosphere of the day in most cases.

- If you are unsure what to ask or whether you need a product / service at all, get in touch with us first and just ask the question. Here to help after all! 

Beckie & Guy Askham
Di at Low House
Big D's at Belmount Hall
Annabel was a pleasure to work with, she made sure that everything was thoroughly organised in a relaxed, effortless way enabling us to concentrate on doing what we strive to do, create a beautiful wedding film in an unobtrusive way, without bothering the bride and groom. Although I’m sure her job is very stressful and difficult she made it look easy which filled us with confidence and allowed us the rare pleasure of having some time to sit back and enjoy the wedding day we were capturing.
— Ed Hall, Silver Sixpence Films

Bene at Silverholme
Annabel is wonderful. The calm in the centre of the storm. Every detail asked about was covered and dealt with politely and professionally. She delivered a fabulous wedding and her personal touches really didn’t go unnoticed. Thank you Annabel!
— Emma Leon, Make Up
Donna at Askham
Aaron & Georgie at New House


Jill Liley Lettering

Invite You To The Do

Steph's Sketches (personalised images)

Love Invited

Berin Made