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Thank you to our lovely clients who have provided an insight to their time with Weddings by Annabel. What an array of special days we have been involved with! 

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When Annabel tells you not to worry, trust her. She’s the expert!
— Caitlin & Chase
Your patience with our random questions, worries, and stresses from our earliest planning days right up through our wedding day were second to none. Your help was invaluable, and we can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate your impact on our wedding.
— Meghan & Jonathan
It was then that I said to my husband ‘you don’t realise until the day how much we needed this, its worth every penny’.
— Megan & Greg
Without proper planning, a DIY wedding could be stressful and it could take away from your enjoyment of the day. I would urge anyone to use a professional like Annabel, it is the best money you will spend!
— Carly & Ben
From day one she felt like someone I could talk to and I really, really, really appreciated that.
— Becca & Ben
We would recommend Weddings by Annabel without hesitation.  Annabel is both lovely and ruthlessly efficient.  We cannot really explain how grateful we are to her for the part that she played in making sure that our day was just perfect for us.
— Di & Thomas
The fluidity if the wedding was seamless, something I would never been able to pull off without her. She is calm, funny, tasteful and amazing!
— Rachel & Aaron
To anyone who wants to enjoy their day stress free and find someone they can put their confidence in for their most important day, I would definitely recommend Weddings by Annabel!
— Sarah & Jorge


Fran & Ben, Low Hall in the Lakes - May 2019

Honestly if you're slightly pondering getting Annabel on board, ponder no more, she's ace! The real life Fronk but way wayyy better.

We got in touch with Annabel as we were getting married at home. Having just started a new venture ourselves, a wedding venue in the Lake District no less(!) we decided, after actually looking at a few places, we couldn't imagine our day anywhere else but at ours. Despite at the time, it not being nearly finished yet, it still may seem the obvious place to have it; when you own your own venue, surely you're going to get married there, right? Yes. But! We wanted to be able to relax and enjoy the day like every other beaming bride and groom. Not be worried about making breakfast, clearing glasses and pouring gin, making sure guests were happy and know where they're going, finding safety pins for straying hems and cloths for spilt beverages. We wanted to dance, drink and celebrate with our besties, happy in the knowledge that someone had it all covered. So we got in touch with Annabel.

As soon as Annabel came over to see our place and we discussed our day, we were in. Relaxed but totally on it. Knows her stuff, but would never preach or dictate. Smiley and always there, but never in your face or OTT. We instantly trusted her abilities and knowledge to run our day exactly as we wanted it and on top of that to coordinate our awesome staff (and some new ones) as though we were there. And oh boy did she deliver.

106 guests. 6 bridesmaids. 6 groomsmen. 1 flower girl and page boy. A whole host of suppliers. A woodland ceremony. Garden reception. Coco Locos. Ice creams for all. Cake cake cake. Hog roast. 40 more guests. 90s rave down a country lane. A cuzza feast. And some Motown belters. Annabel and team all ensured they happened when and where they should and everyone had an amazing day. Most of all us. We literally had the best day ever and celebrated as though we weren't at home. But were. If you get me... Thanks Annabel, you smashed it. It was perfect.

Mrs & Mr Knight from Low Hall The Lakes xx

See our blog for more info about their epic day!

Meghan & Jonathan, New House Farm - Sept 2018

Why did you look for a planner?

We weren't planning on having a planner, originally. Meghan is super organised and had pretty much been planning her wedding since she was little, so we didn't think we'd need one. Then we had a chat with our photographer, who strongly recommended we have someone - at least on the big day, if not also for a few check-ins along the way - to take the stress off and make sure we hadn't forgotten anything, as our wedding barn was completely dry hire. We took her advice, and it proved to be invaluable!

Why did you choose Annabel?

Our photographer recommended Annabel, saying not only did she know our venue and all its nuances inside and out, but that she was a top-notch organiser, made sure everything happened seamlessly on the day, and was really lovely to work with. She also told us a coordinator was essential for a completely blank canvas venue like ours, which we hadn't fully realised. We called and booked Annabel straight away, and she exceeded expectations. She was always available when we needed her, but we were able to book catch-ups and meet ups as and when we really needed to, which we appreciated, as we weren't sure how much we'd need to consult with her before our rehearsal the night before, and didn't want to have to commit to a big package when we were budgeting for everything else, as well! That being said, every consultation and bit of time we booked with Annabel was worth its weight in gold. Having Annabel to go to and to run our wedding day was some of the best money we spent on our wedding.

What element of the wedding would you change, if at all?

It sounds cliche, but we wouldn't change a thing! All the organisation and work that went into the wedding in advance meant every single element was perfect and better than we imagined. People always tell you something will go wrong, but don't believe it! Be in the moment and go with the day, but if you plan in advance, your wedding will be better than you imagined.

What advice would you give someone else planning a DIY wedding?

Definitely get a planner to make sure you've covered all your bases, make suggestions you might not think of, and take all the stress off you to ensure the day runs smoothly. There are so many logistics involved not even the most organised bride and groom can’t anticipate, and it can all come to a stressful head as the wedding gets closer. Being able to hand over your big day from the night before means you're both able to relax and enjoy and be present to every single moment - and that's invaluable.

Also, make it your own! We wanted most of the really traditional elements at our wedding, but we also had a few tricks up our sleeves that made the day fun for our guests and a true reflection of us. It's so easy to get bogged down in what you see on Pinterest, so use it as a bit of a starting point for inspiration or to research different ways of doing something creative you've come up with, but then leave it behind. You'll find you just end up with the same images over and over, and you don't want a Pinterest wedding - you want your wedding. So have fun, follow the rules you want, and make up the rest!

We just wanted to say the biggest of thank yous for everything you did to ensure our special day ran completely smoothly! Even the most organised and colour coded spreadsheet-using bride and groom need the perfect person to hand their day over to the night before to just relax and enjoy, and you were exceptional. Your patience with our random questions, worries, and stresses from our earliest planning days right up through our wedding day were second to none. Your help was invaluable, and we can't tell you enough how much we appreciate your impact on our wedding. Multiple guests commented to us later how smoothly the day ran, and that's definitely down to you! We couldn't recommend you highly enough! THANK YOU!!!!”

Rachel & Aaron, Silverholme - Sept 2018

“Planning a wedding in the UK from America is no easy feat. I would not recommend it, unless you hire Annabel. After our first conversation with Annabel, I instantly felt at ease. She got our “vibe” right away and was always very quick to reply (even though she was technically on maternity leave and 8 hours adrift.) Annabel took on some of the tasks that are difficult to do being so far away, one of which was finding us a baaaa-tender/ring bearer (i.e. a sheep!) Furthermore, her list of preferred vendors helped us create a day filled with truly amazing people.

In times of crisis, she truly shines. The wedding morning started with my makeup/hair lady cancelling a hour before she was due to arrive. Annabel quickly responded “Dont panic! Leave it with me!” In under 10 minutes, she had found a wonderful replacement!

Ultimately, throughout our time together, she became our friend and ally. Always making us laugh and allowing me to vent. She pulled off an EPIC wedding and we would not have been able to do it without her.

Thank you Annabel, for EVERYTHING you did to make our day so special. We love you!

All our love, Rachel and Aaron Xx”

Why did you decide to contact Annabel?

“I contacted Annabel because I was feeling very overwhelmed when looking at venues in the Lake District and living in the US. I know the Lake District well but picking a venue is a whole different experience. I needed someone who knew the area and the pros and cons of each venue.”

What was worrying you most about planning your wedding?

“Vendors, logistics, and vibe of the wedding”

What was the best part of having Annabel on board throughout planning?

“She knew exactly what we wanted from the first phone call. She provided helpful support along the way and kept us on task. The day of she was a godsend, even pulling a makeup artist out of her hat last minute.”

What part of the day did you enjoy the most?

“The entire day was perfect. She even got the weather to be sunny and glorious for three whole days. The fluidity if the wedding was seamless, something I would never been able to pull off without her.”

Is there anything you would not bother with if you could do it all again?

“I think we had just the right amount of everything. I wish I could say I wouldn’t stress about it, but I also think that’s part of the process and getting 40 Americans across the pond safely.”

How did having Annabel there effect your special day?

“I could turn off and just enjoy the day. I didn’t worry about anything. If things went wrong I would never have known it!”

Would you recommend Weddings by Annabel?

“1000000000% yes. She is calm, funny, tasteful, and amazing!!!”

Lucy G Photography - Carly and Ben-sm.jpg

Carly & Ben, Bristowe Hill - August 2018

Why did you decide on finding a planner?

“We had a definite vision of what we wanted our wedding to be and planned it ourselves but it became clear as we ironed out the details that we would need someone there on the day so that everything would run smoothly and we could enjoy every minute of it.”

What made you pick Weddings by Annabel?

“Once we agreed on our venue, which was not an established wedding venue, I started to research who could offer wedding coordinator services in Cumbria. There was no contest, every review and every indication pointed to Annabel being the best choice. Following a call with Annabel it was clear she really knew her stuff and would be an asset to our wedding, both before and on the day.”

The day before and day of the wedding, what stood out as most helpful from Annabel?

“Annabel came the day before to help us to set up, decorate the tipi and to walk through the schedule for the day. Her direction and support helped immensely during what could have been a stressful day of set up, but she helped prioritise what needed to be done to get everything in order before the next morning. I could not have relaxed as much as I did on the day without Annabel, she made sure everyone was in the right place, chairs were moved when they needed to be, the caterers knew where to go and at what time, and that was all before midday! Throughout the day she was wherever she was needed, making sure the day went as planned and always smiling. “

Any advice for others creating a DIY wedding?

“Start with the big things. Get the venue, caterer and bar organised and take as much advice on those as possible. Don’t get too hung up on Pinterest yet, it’s good to help guide a theme or ideas for things but the big things need the most attention. Without proper planning, a DIY wedding could be stressful and it could take away from your enjoyment of the day. I would urge anyone to use a professional like Annabel, it is the best money you will spend!”

Would you recommend Annabel for those couples?

“Absolutely. A DIY wedding is great but only if you can enjoy it. A wedding is probably the biggest event you will ever plan and it is a huge thing to orchestrate, not something I could ever have imagined going smoothly without Annabel there to run the show.”

Katy and Adam preview-37.jpg

Katy & Adam, Belmount Hall - June 2018

Why did you choose Annabel?

*We actually liked how she had done a wedding in a completely non-traditions venue having seen the pictures online. Once we met with her easy-going vibe really made us feel comfortable, and she didn’t tell us what we should or shouldn’t do in a way that felt restrictive or pushy - just gave advice on options, ideas and what she thought would work well, meaning she was a great sense check for us at any time.

What was the immediate effect of having someone with Annabels experience and contacts around?

*She recommended our venue in our first meeting - we called, went the next day and booked it! It wasn’t even on our radar but she seemed to understand exactly what we were looking for and pulled it out of thin air. We loved being able to ask her about suppliers - either ones she knew or if we found someone checking she had heard of them - and her knowledge of what would and wouldn’t work in terms of run of show and everything was so helpful.*

During planning, how useful was it having Annabel on the team?

*Planning the wedding remotely, it was amazing to have Annabel local and so accessible to us via email etc. She also brought many things to our attention that we just wouldn’t have thought of on our own. She also made us feel calm about the things we didn’t have figured out and helped us get the timing right in terms of what suppliers and plans needed to be in place by when.*

On your special day, did you notice the influence of having Annabel around?

*By that stage it was really nice having her there because we had enjoyed the time we had spent with her! But it was also great that we could direct questions to her, that she helped keep people calm, that the venue could talk directly to her instead of with us about every detail and a million other small things. It was also great having her with an eye on timing - we never had to check a watch and wonder if we were on track. Annabel was really lovely to work with and we would definitely recommend her!*


Becca & Ben, New House Farm - June 2018

Why did you decide to find a Planner?

Our wedding was very DIY and 6 hours away from where we live in London. I knew just setting up and getting everything up there would be stressful enough and didn’t want to have to think about that on my wedding day. Being a bit of a control freak (!) I realised I was at risk of spending our wedding day stressed about logistics, so I took swift action to find an ‘on the day coordinator’ that I found out about on one of the bridal Facebook groups I joined when I got engaged.

What made you pick Annabel?

She was one of the first I googled, and after sending a few emails to a bunch of planners she replied immediately which I felt was a great sign of efficiency!

What were your preconceptions of a Planner’s role and did Annabel change those thoughts?

I thought if you had a wedding planner they essentially took on all of the organisation. I didn’t think there was something in between; someone who gave you some advice to take or leave, who worked through problematic areas with you and was a general wonder-woman/man on the day. Couples who want some help but still want to hold the reigns and realise their vision to make their wedding their own should totally chat to the wonderful Annabel!

Throughout planning, what was most helpful?

Tackling issues with me for sure. We had this lovely plan to serve the cake as dessert ourselves (as in, me and my husband going round to each table) which we didn’t do in the end, but Annabel worked through the logistical struggles with me and was chill when I decided to just throw money at the problem and pay the caterers to do it instead!

I also appreciated how warm Annabel was. From day one she felt like someone I could talk to and I really, really, really appreciated that.

On the day, did you feel Annabel helped make the day flow?

Absolutely! I didn’t need to think about a thing. I think the only point I intervened was when my very nervous bridesmaid begged us to start the speeches so she could get hers out of the way and get drunk!

Would you recommend Weddings by Annabel?

100 million per cent, yes.


Alex & Jay, Coniston Coppermines - May 2018


Why did you book Annabel?

"Annabel replied to my initial email quickly, even though she was very busy, and then got back to me with more detail shortly afterwards. After a chat on the phone I could tell that Annabel was 'our kind of person' and both me and my hubby to be would get on well with her."

How did Annabel help in the planning stage?

"We did a lot of our own planning, but Annabel was great to bounce ideas off and to sense check if we'd forgotten anything. She also met up with us to do a venue visit a few months before the wedding. We're not from Cumbria and the venue was not a typical wedding venue, plus we were having a Pagan handfasting rather than a typical wedding. So it was important for us that Annabel had seen the venue and knew what we were planning to do with it. Annabel also met up with us the day before the event and helped us set up - still providing great ideas and suggestions to refine our plans. In the interim, Annabel stayed in contact and also contacted all of our other suppliers to help streamline the process."

Did having Annabel there on the day help?

"Immensely, it made it possible for us to have the wedding day we wanted. Annabel took control from start to finish and enabled us to relax and leave her to deal with everything."


Rachel & Scott, Blaithwaite House - June 2017

"When we started planning our wedding we knew we wanted to do some things a little different to the traditional wedding. So going over theme's, catering, entertainment etc... we soon realised that we needed some extra help in making these decisions as our venue was a "do it yourself" kind of place. We wanted someone to initially take the stress away and co-ordinate the day itself.

We came across Annabel after searching different planners online.  Annabel stood out with being an Award winning planner, a professional website and had great reviews. Once we met up with Annabel we knew straight away that we made the best decision, she is so friendly, fun, down to earth and knows what she is talking about!

Annabel made us a super spreadsheet to keep us on track with our budget containing every fine detail so we didn't get too carried away (which is sooo easy to do!!). She was always on hand to reassure us and answer any questions.

On the day our wedding Annabel was amazing she is like a little fairy flying around everywhere keeping everything to plan. I couldn't relax on the morning, i was constantly in and out of the barn, running round everywhere, checking everything was perfect. After a talk with Annabel she reassured me and that she was there to worry about all the finishing touches so we could enjoy the day! The day went so smoothly in our eyes, if there was any hiccups, we certainly don't know about them. That's how good Annabel is. You don't realise how much she does for you on the day until you step back and take it all in. Truly a life saver, the day wouldn't of been the same without her. "

Would you recommend Weddings by Annabel? 

"100% !!!!! Thank you so much for helping make our day so perfect xx"


Megan & Greg, Askham-in-Furness - September 2017

2017-09-09 20.56.34-1.jpg

"In the early stages of our wedding planning, we knew we wanted to do some different, informal and fun.  My biggest, and probably only concern about that was not having a proper venue, and therefore a wedding coordinator or venue staff to rely upon. I was never looking for a wedding planning to ‘plan’ our wedding in its entirety, we had lots of ideas, and we wanted it to be ‘ours’ but I just needed that extra pair of hands (and ears!).   We’d decided to go for a festival themed wedding, in tipis, in a field, with live music throughout the day, and there was one thing we really didn’t want – a formal sit down meal.  We could visualise it all, our question was just ‘how do we make this happen’.

From our first meeting with Annabel, we had the reassurance that we’d have someone taking care of our day, that would be part of the planning journey over the following year, and by the time the day arrived, she’d know what was in our heads as much as we did and would be making sure that became a reality.

I remember a point during the day when my husband and I were stood in the Tipis discussing how it was just how we imagined and more.  We clocked Annabel and her colleague, at the time they were lighting candles, collecting rubbish and topping up our cocktail bar.  It was then that I said to my husband ‘you don’t realise until the day how much we needed this, its worth every penny’.  And I still stand by that now, I think the management of the day would not have gone as well as it did without Annabels help, and a number of things would have fallen onto our wedding guests, which is exactly what we didn’t want.

As as an added bonus, she told us she’s a lucky omen with the weather and it proved to be correct.  Our wedding day felt right in the middle of a storm, the week before the wind and rain was beyond belief, and they day after it returned, yet our wedding day was a beautiful day without a drop of rain!"


Rebecca & Simon, Kirklinton Hall - August 2017

While freelancing as Wedding Manager at Kirklinton Hall I had the pleasure of being part of some wonderful celebrations. Some booked to have us as more than a Venue Coordinator,,,

"We had the best day ever! The hall was just a million times better then I had ever imagined! I knew it would be good but not that good! We just kind of wish we could go back and attend as guests as well to have the full experience! It was such a fabulous whirl wind! You were also absolutely amazing having you around meant we felt we could just totally relax not check the clock and someone would keep us in line! You were a complete star and we can't thank you enough for all your help and advice before and on the day! I think I need you as my PA!"

Annabel and the happy couple.jpg

Di & Thomas, Low House - April 2017

Why did you decide on hiring a planner?

We didn’t set out intending to hire a planner.  After we had spoken to Annabel initially, we thought about whether the help that Weddings by Annabel could offer would be a good investment for some of the budget and decided that it was.

How did Annabel help in the lead up?

Annabel helped in a number of practical ways: speaking to suppliers for us and letting them know she was on board on the day; providing us with extremely detailed planning and budgeting tools to keep us on track; acting as a sounding board for some of our ideas; helping us to refine and polish elements we were struggling with and challenging us to think about parts of the days that hadn’t yet been given much thought.  More than that, though, Annabel was a huge moral support – calm and reassuring throughout - and reminded us that (now more than ever) a sense of humour and perspective were very important!

Would you recommend Weddings by Annabel?

We would recommend Weddings by Annabel without hesitation.  Annabel is both lovely and ruthlessly efficient.  We cannot really explain how grateful we are to her for the part that she played in making sure that our day was just perfect for us.

Elegant images by  Tommy Martin Photography

Elegant images by Tommy Martin Photography

Rachael & James, Belmount Hall - July 2016

Why did you feel you needed planning help?
"We live in the US and we also have busy lives, so it was difficult to find time to research and plan the wedding. Also this is the first wedding we’d ever planned so it’s easy to overlook some of the details, or to worry about the wrong things. We have many happy memories of holidays in the Lake District but we don't have any family living in the area so it was useful to have Annabel's local knowledge."

Why did you choose Annabel?
"James came across her website and we both liked the vibe. We wanted someone level-headed and organised. And when we spoke with her, she exuded such warmth, fun and competence that we opted for the full package!"

What help did Annabel give in the run up to your big day?
"She provided us with a huge choice of suppliers, accompanied us to visit the venue, compiled a budget management spreadsheet, and kept us on track for various tasks. She listened to us about the sort of event we wanted and gave great advice on how to make it happen. And lots of additional details such as receiving items ordered from the internet and picking up the flowers."

On the day, how was your day effected by having assistance from a planner?
"Oh my god, she was indispensable! She was critical to the success of the day. And it was wonderful to know that someone was in charge so we could just relax and enjoy ourselves."

Was there anything provided that you didn't expect from Annabel?
"Neither of us quite realised the importance of her role on the actual wedding day."

Was there effect on your suppliers having some additional help?
"I think they all appreciated engaging with a professional."

Would you recommend Annabel's services?

Rachael & James xx

Stunning photography by  Laura Babb Photography

Stunning photography by Laura Babb Photography

Caitlin & Chase, Graythwaite Cottages & Grubbins Point - June 2015

"We weren’t initially too concerned about the planning – I tend to enjoy pulling big ideas together, and had initially thought we could do it all ourselves. We were more concerned about pulling it all together on the day. But as a naïve couple who’d never planned a wedding before, we decided on a tent wedding, which had a lot more elements to consider than we’d initially anticipated! So Annabel helped put our minds at rest when things got a bit overwhelming.

We had a few little hiccups to contend with during our planning, and when these cropped up Annabel was at the end of the phone / computer with suggestions and ideas as to how to overcome it. She also suggested suppliers to use, which was a huge help. When things got more complicated as we neared the wedding Annabel was great, and really helped ease any stress. She coordinated all of the suppliers, which to be honest can all be a little overwhelming (we used a fair few!) Annabel has a calming nature, so as soon as you speak to her, her chirpy and happy nature is contagious so you leave the conversation feeling like a weight’s been lifted!"

Did you feel confident in handing over to Annabel? 

"If we’re completely honest, initially no! That wasn’t at all to do with not feeling Annabel was up to the job – more a case of wanting to be across everything that was going on and maintaining control (what a control freak!) However, as it got closer to the wedding, we ended up taking a step back (as much as we could) and letting Annabel take the reins, and we’re so glad we did!! When Annabel tells you not to worry, trust her. She’s the expert! She’s seen it all, so is great at putting things in perspective and getting things done! We had a bit of an issue in the morning in that our hair and makeup artists were in a car crash (both okay thank god) but only one could make it and was severely delayed. Annabel was hands-on-deck and managed to find us another stylist to step in last-minute! The originally booked makeup artist that made it over also said that when she spoke to Annabel on the phone following the crash Annabel had been unbelievably calming and really helped her. We didn’t notice too many other problems, but I guess that’s the sign of a job well done!"



Hazel & Phil, Tithe Barn - May 2015

Geoff, Father of the Bride commented...

Why did you hire a planner? "We hired a wedding planner because we live a long way from our daughter and it was difficult to make choices and decisions"

How helpful was Annabel in the lead up to your event? "Annabel was very helpful - she enabled us to get our heads round all the things we needed to do, who would what, and when."

Did you have any particular concerns during planning that Annabel helped with? "Annabel was especially helpful in our budgeting - her spreadsheet helped us to understand and plan the spending"

How did having Annabel there on the day help? "On the day we were a little behind schedule (like most people) - Annabel worked hard to get the room ready and decorated, keep the wedding reception moving, then clear up!"

Would you recommend Annabel's services? "Definitely yes - I was father of the bride, she saved my sanity!"

Wonderful photography by  DJB Photography

Wonderful photography by DJB Photography

Amy & James, Dockray - April 2015

"Annabel offered a very flexible set of services - from full involvement from an early stage , to consultations as and when required. Whatever it was we needed, she was able to provide. What was particularly invaluable was having another person (other than the bride and groom) who knew all the plans (and all our particular wishes). This meant that suppliers did not keep disturbing us during the day , and Annabel was also able to 'police' the bridal party (by which I mean groomsmen) to make sure they were doing their jobs. Annabel had been in touch with all the suppliers in the weeks prior to the wedding , so was also able to iron out any last minute queries. Again, all of this made us both feel very reassured - and allowed us to get on with just enjoying the day!"

This lovely couple hired us to look after them during planning, a few consultations, then be there on the day to coordinate their beautiful marquee wedding in a field in the Lakes. There were some great new suppliers to meet and some difficult morning weather to handle! We even took to gardening in the morning, turning over turf to cover up a lot of mud! The Groom and Ushers were in their wellies laying matting too. All hands on deck but it turned sunny and dried up. The day was glorious and such fun! 



Nicola & Mike, Knipe Hall - Sept 2014

"We had Annabel for the 6 weeks run up to the wedding and the day that she took over couldn’t have come sooner.  It was great not to have to deal with the suppliers anymore and for Annabel to manage them and to make sure that they all knew what they were providing and when; she also had some great recommendations where we were struggling to pick the right supplier. I found it difficult to stop organising my friends and family as it is what I do generally, however Annabel encouraged me to let go and before not too long I relinquished the reins and was happy in the knowledge that Annabel was going to make an excellent job of it (and she did). Thank you Annabel!"

Fabulous photography by  Phil Drinkwater Photography

Fabulous photography by Phil Drinkwater Photography

Mahee & Girish, Storrs Hall - Aug 2014

"Thank you so much! Annabel made our dream vision a reality. Words cannot express how grateful we both are, she made our day seamless when there was potential for so much to go wrong. To have that peace of mind that anything and everything was in her very capable hands was a welcomed relief, it meant that we could actually take in and enjoy what is a very emotional and big day! Hiring Annabel was the best thing we did to ensure that our big day was AMAZING.  Thank you so much, Mahee and Girish."


Victoria & Charlie, Belmount Hall - Sept 2014

Victoria came to Weddings by Annabel as she knew she had her hands full with work and lived far away from their venue. It was also a very DIY style celebration with the Hall being a beautiful blank canvas. Annabel provided ongoing support throughout planning, including venue visits and consultation meetings. On the day, Annabel was around for more than 14 hours to make sure everything went smoothly including the outdoor ceremony and wonderful American style BBQ. The weather went from miserable to glorious so the guests enjoyed an emotional ceremony with a fell back drop. Each aspect was carefully managed and guests had many fantastic comments about the atmosphere that was maintained all day.  

From the first meeting, Annabel had some lovely ideas that really helped make our big day extra-special. A calming, positive and organised presence throughout, it was a joy to have her there to take all of the stress away. Thank you so much for everything.
Mr and Mrs C


Sarah & Jorge, Askham Hall - June 2014

"Living abroad was one main factor as we wanted to have someone on the ground and from the area that knew who to work with and how to get everything arranged.  The main reason though was to allow us to relax on the day.  I spoke to 2 others but Annabel had the best grasp of our international logistical wedding, she immediately had ideas on our theme, incorporating mexican and english styles, and she was really easy and approachable to chat to on Skype. Annabel would always offer me 2 or 3 vendors for each area, and offer some variation in price or styles for example. This made it much easier for me to select the vendors that fit with my wedding style and budget. Also for decorations she was very supportive in seeing through the ideas that I had, and helped bring them to life rather than changing or imposing other ideas.

I had no idea how to do those final steps and make the arrangements for the day to run smoothly but Annabel took care of everything and all my last minute nerves were calmed by her experience and knowledge. I figured if Annabel feels things are organised, I can relax!

I never saw the decorated reception barn until I entered with my husband and all the guests were inside, I also had no idea when the cake or flowers would arrive, I didnt have to worry about anything being set out, I knew Annabel knew what was going on, and just relaxed and enjoyed the day. Annabel was there coordinating, she was friendly and approachable to everyone, while keeping herself and all her hard work discrete.

Id recommend weddings by Annabel to anyone! Annabel knows some amazing local suppliers and vendors, and works effortlessly with those and new vendors I selected. Annabel took all the stress out of my day and the lead up to the day. Her organisation and understanding of how a wedding day functions (even if we were asking for things slightly out of the ordinary) were so important in keeping me calm, she would combine all the various vendors requests and questions into one easy to handle email for Jorge and I to respond to. To anyone who wants to enjoy their day stress free and find someone they can put their confidence in for their most important day, I would definitely recommend Weddings by Annabel!

Photos from Red On Blonde Photography

Video Clip available from Silver Sixpence Films : Click here

Nicole&Daryl 2.jpg

Nicole & Daryl, Rulehome - December 2013

"My image of wedding planners was wholly taken from Father of the Bride! A flamboyant person who was going to take over and spend all our money, but that pull not be further from the truth. Annabel was kind, helpful, thoughtful, frugal with our money and made the wedding day experience very enjoyable... She has super powers at combating little problems the bride doesn't need to hear about!

Annabel was like an angel - I wasn't aware of on the day issues although I am sure there were plenty.  Both Daryl and I recognised that we had such an amazing day because there was a little Annabel behind the scenes organising everybody and ironing things out. We are both so very grateful.

Annabel - a heartfelt thank you for everything you did that we knew about and for everything you hid from us too. We had a perfect day and I know I'd have had a melt down without your help, support, guidance and organisation on the day.  I giggled down the aisle and am still giggling with joy now (partly down to the groom ????) but mostly down to our perfect day that wouldn't have been so perfect without you!"

Nicole got in touch from Manchester after having a nightmare; the venue had to be changed! Poor Nicole had bought all the decor and finishing touches for the original location and needed some guidance in fitting it all to a new venue. She booked The Golden Fleece who were wonderfully helpful even though they hadnt hosted many big events. The day went brilliantly despite terrible weather and a few hiccups. 


Guy & Becky, Askham - December 2013

"Without being intrusive Annabel was always there for us. She keeps your wedding day on-track, on-time and as you wanted it. She has the patience of a saint!

We'd highly recommend Weddings by Annabel. Annabel took the reins so that we could relax and enjoy every moment. She was brilliant.

Hiring a wedding planner gives you complete peace of mind, and takes away a lot of the stress. For us this was invaluable. As Annabel was taking care of our big day, there were no sleepless nights and (as far as we know!) the day ran completely to plan.

"Thanks again for everything, just writing this now, brings it all back how amazing you were. Having you was like having a PA/event-manager/big sister all rolled into one!"

This couple booked Annabel to manage the day itself at Askham Hall. It was one of the venues first weddings and there were many elements involved including a magician, toastmaster, silhouettist, band, DJ etc. The day was grey and very wet but everything went wonderfully and the guests had a great time! 


Wonderful photography from:  Steven Taylor Photography

Wonderful photography from: Steven Taylor Photography

Aaron & Georgina, Lorton - December 2013

For this lovely London based couple, the idea was to have a spectacular New Years Eve wedding party. There were 150 guests and only one was from this County! The rest came from all over the world so logistics were complicated and needed to be managed and communicated carefully. For on the day, there were an array of great finishing touches to be put in place as well as a mixture of local and national suppliers to coordinate including two live bands, two DJ's, catering, bar and decorators. The day went wonderfully, any glitches managed through and everyone commented on what a great, memorable time they had. There were a fab couple to work with and I was so pleased they had a fantastic Lake District Wedding! Georgina shared some thoughts...

"Good to have a sounding board when making decisions and to get everything down on paper and on the all important spreadsheet!

As bride and groom there's so much to do and so many people to speak to. Having Annabel running around on the day was a god send! So good to be able to lean on her to take care of the logistics and organising the suppliers. We simply wouldn't have been able to do it without her.

Just before I walked down the aisle I froze, I was so overwhelmed by the emotions of it all - especially thinking of my Dad (who is no longer with us). Annabel calmed me down, got me breathing again and made me laugh! That meant a lot.


me and couple.jpg

Beckie & Chris, Watermillock - August 2013

"Everyone needs an Annabel! Some of our friends raised an eyebrow when they heard we had hired a wedding planner, think they thought I was being a bit bridezilla! But on they day they totally got it! Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and Annabel understands this and you can really tell that she wants to to go well for her clients. Its really refreshing to meet someone so genuine. Thanks again!"


Hayley & Kieran, Cockermouth - May 2013

"I would recommend meeting with Annabel because she is honest, friendly and informative and she was a great help when I emailed her after seeing a venue that I'd fallen in love with but realistically couldn't use. It was nice to speak to someone who knew what to look out for, what to ask and what to check. 

On the day it was brilliant having Annabel around, she kept the day running smoothly and ensured that things ran on time. I was running late after my make up appointment, but Annabel kept me calm, arranged for some lunch to be bought to me and saved the day when I was worrying.

Looking back, I do not think our wedding would have ran as smoothly as it did without Annabel being around, from the initial stages of planning, to last minute complications with the venue, she was there every stop of the way, as much or as little as we needed her, and I would recommend her services in a heartbeat! 

I can't thank Weddings By Annabel enough for helping with our wedding, everyone has said that we were so relaxed and unstressed about our wedding, and I'm certain that its because we had someone we could trust on board to help with the last minute details."

Emma & Tom wedding.jpg

Emma & Tom, Langwathby Village Hall - May 2012

"What can I say. Without Annabel my wedding would have been chaos! I really didn't appreciate how important it is to have someone making sure that things run smoothly on the big day (and tactfully making sure that any problems get sorted out without the bride knowing!).

I was married in a local church and had the reception in a nearby Village Hall. I was keen to do as much of the decorating, organising etc as possible myself, as I really wanted my wedding to be personal to me. Annabel was great because she advised me on everything from which caterers and 'mobile' bar to use to how to cover up ugly notice boards in a Village Hall. 

Annabel is so likeable and approachable that it was like having a big sister as back up on my big day. 

To anyone thinking of hiring Annabel as a wedding planner I would say that it is money very well spent. Having the peace of mind to be able to enjoy every minute of one of the most important days of your life is priceless."

Great photos by:  Martin Crombie Photography

Laura & Pat, Morland Hall - July 2011

"There is no doubt that the day wouldn't have been the success it was without Annabel. It was great to have someone to talk to about my ideas and my concerns, especially as I was starting to drive my family mad.  Annabel helped to keep me sane!

On the day, it is down to Annabel that everything went so smoothly (even despite a major drama). I've never seen anyone work so hard. 

My husband and I were up in the bridal suite waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive back so we could be formally announced as Mr and Mrs. We were enjoying having a minute to ourselves and finishing off our champagne. We were up in the room for a while and the photographer came up and asked to take some photos of us. At this stage we had no idea there was an ambulance outside and my Great Aunt was being resuscitated, we were just happy having our photos taken. After what felt like nearly an hour we did start to wonder why we hadn't been announced yet but we were just swept away with everything and didn't suspect a thing as the photographer kept us busy. When we were finally let out of the room we were told that my Great Aunt was a little poorly and had gone to hospital as a precaution but it was nothing serious and everyone, even all the suppliers had been told to say the same thing. It didn't click at all that that was why we were kept busy in the room and we spent the entire day and evening being none-the-wiser, we actually only found out what happened on the Monday. Looking back I cannot believe how calm and collected everything, and Annabel appeared after it all happened. 

Everyone should have an Annabel! It is down to Annabel that we had such an amazing day and I will never forget all that she did and how hard she worked to make sure that we had such an amazing time. Annabel is extremely good at what she does and even in the face of a major heart attack she ensured everything still went to plan."


Leeming - Set Up Outside.jpg

Giles & Elspeth, Leeming House - May 2011

"Annabel made sure the guests knew where they had to be and when and liaise with every party involved from the florist, the hotel, the marquee suppliers, the bands, the firework man, the wedding transport for the guests and the photographer. We did not have to get involved in anything - all we had to do was enjoy the day. Then once it had all finished the next day the planner packed up all the things that she thought we'd like to take from the marquee and helped us clear it out - so it's not just the build up to and the day itself but all the clearing up and sorting out afterwards and making sure that all the cards and gifts actually get to you."

On this occasion I was asked to help by the venue as it was a large wedding with a lot to organise. They had a wonderful sunlit cruise on Ullswater the night before then a service at Newton Reigny on their wedding day. Unfortunately, the weather just got worse and worse! By the time the band came, they got stuck in the mud and waiters had to be sent out to help! The fireworks only just happened and the loos were an unpredictable nightmare! But everyone had a blast! You would have never of guessed that so many things were going wrong, but thats the way I like it! Nobody else spoke to the couple as people only needed to talk to me. I take the strain! It was a very long day but worth it to see such happy faces! I wish them all the best in the future! 

Outside 7.JPG

Andrina & Nick - Holbeck Ghyll

"Just a small word on why a wedding planner helped me on my wedding day, in fact the full week. Annabel did all the arrangements and bookings and to see what comes out of the work she does is like a dream. I will never be able to thank her enough. The lodge was brilliant, the reception 5 star, everything was brilliant! All our love, Andrina & Nick xxx"

We booked it all including transport to and from the ceremony, accommodation for 5 nights next to Windermere, meal for four in a Michelin starred restaurant, Champagne, flowers, ceremony fees and planning fees for under their budget. It was a lovely afternoon at the wonderful Holbeck Ghyll Country House Hotel.For Andrina & Nicks day they only wanted a very small ceremony in a stunning place with a meal for four people afterwards. For the week they wished for a log cabin near one of the beautiful Lakes where they could bring their dogs and maybe do some fishing. Their budget was a mere £1,500.