Alex & Jay - Hi Ho Into the Mines we go

Names: Alex & Jay from Hampshire

Month: May 2018 - Bright hot sunshine

Venue: Coniston Coppermines

Photographer: Derwent Photography

Catering: Fell and Dales

Bar: Twisted Mojito

Tipi: Fjell Event Tipis

Entertainment: UTC Events

Other: Cake by Rachel, Posh Pampacampa, Mountain Goat, Freedom Wizard

One of the first things that this couple said to me was ‘it’s going to be in a mine’. You can imagine where my imagination took me then! Thankfully, though I love a challenge, it wasn’t underground and it was a picture perfect stunning setting!

Alex was a super organised Bride-to-be and they both knew exactly what they wanted. This meant I was mainly used as a sounding board and for my experience with quirky sites. They had elements in place to create the right atmosphere and keeping guests happy so I only helped with making those elements work well for them and the site.

On the day my goal was to keep the event flowing between each spot on the site and ensure the guests knew what was going on. With two types of ceremonies, sound technicians, photographer, bar staff, catering staff and various other entertainment elements, there was enough to keep me busy! The great thing was that each supplier was great, creating a dream team. It’s one the nicest parts of the job when the suppliers can do their job well and happily as they have time and space to concentrate on that instead of working out what’s happening and resolving any queries. I do that part for them!

The day was very hot which brought its own issues but everything went wonderfully. The day moved from ceremonies spots to inside different tipis. We even had speeches from some outside stone steps and a DIY pen for the guest doggies!

The feedback from guests was fab, most saying it’s the best wedding they have ever been to! The couple were delightful and so in love! I was happy to make it so special for them.

The happy couple very kindly shared their thoughts on planning and the day...

Why did you search for a Wedding Planner?

“I did a basic google search and short listed a few based on the 'vibe' I got from their website”

Why did you book Annabel?

“Annabel replied to my initial email quickly, even though she was very busy, and then got back to me with more detail shortly afterwards. After a chat on the phone I could tell that Annabel was 'our kind of person' and both me and my hubby to be would get on well with her”

How did Annabel help in the planning stage?

“We did a lot of our own planning, but Annabel was great to bounce ideas off and to sense check if we'd forgotten anything. She also met up with us to do a venue visit a few months before the wedding. We're not from Cumbria and the venue was not a typical wedding venue, plus we were having a Pagan handfasting rather than a typical wedding. So it was important for us that Annabel had seen the venue and knew what we were planning to do with it. Annabel also met up with us the day before the event and helped us set up - still providing great ideas and suggestions to refine our plans. In the interim, Annabel stayed in contact and also contacted all of our other suppliers to help streamline the process.”

Did having Annabel there on the day help?

“Immensely, it made it possible for us to have the wedding day we wanted. Annabel took control from start to finish and enabled us to relax and leave her to deal with everything.”

Did your suppliers or guests notice the help?

“Yes, a few guests commented on how great Annabel was and that she was very organised.”

Was there any part of the day that her assistance became noticeable?

“Especially when she went above and beyond, going back down into Coniston village to retrieve the keys of an electric scooter that we had borrowed for a guest who has accidentally taken the keys away with them! Annabel took control of the situation and sorted it for us so one of us didn't have to leave the wedding to get the keys.”

Would you recommend Annabel to others in the throws of planning a wedding?


Would you share any advice for those planning a DIY wedding?

“Be organised! Use pinterest for as many ideas as you can. And get an amazing wedding co-ordinator who can take over on the day and bring your plans to reality, so you can enjoy the day.”

Was anything not worth the effort?


What was the best element you planned?

“The Handfasting ceremony itself. We had photos sent to use on facebook from fell walkers who had spotted the ceremony whilst walking up Old Man and had stopped to watch which eating their lunch. It really was amazing and worked perfectly - which considering it was an ourdoor ceremony in the Lake District with zero rain is a miracle!”

Does it go as quickly as everyone says?

“Oh yes, more quickly if anything and we had a long wedding really. We didn't get to talk to everyone as much as we'd wanted to - but everyone tells you that will be the case.”

What will you do with your spare time now?!

“Plan our move to Scotland :-)”

Wonderful photography from: Derwent Photography